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Farewell to Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation

2015 marks the 46th year that Bob Schieffer has been at CBS News and his 24th as anchor for Face the Nation, one of the best news programs on TV alongside the PBS daily NewsHour. I am very disappointed that … Continue reading

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Every driver thinks he or she is better than most other drivers, but there are a lot out there who could easily be cured with a dose of ECT or electroconvulsive therapy. Topping my list is the motorist who signals … Continue reading

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I like to believe I am both a scientist and some kind of practicing Christian. For many years, I have not found it hard to accept both scientific and biblical interpretations of the Creation as compatible. This is possible only … Continue reading

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While on vacation in Mexico two months ago, Eileen and I stopped at a delightful restaurant named La Cantina in a pretty village between Hermosillo and Ures. The restaurant menu, handwritten in chalk on a blackboard, listed chicken tortilla soup … Continue reading

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A poem in memory of long hospital nights:        THE LONG NIGHTS Two stoplights wink upon a hill There’s not a sound, the ward is still The nurse has been to bring my meds She quietly checks all patients’ beds. … Continue reading

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An amateur poem for today:                                     WINDS Who knows which way the wind will blow today? An east wind whines and brings unhappy … Continue reading

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There is constant pressure in society to push rights and freedoms, such as the freedom of speech and expression, to the limit, as though attempting to determine how far one can push a privilege before provoking anger or even violence. … Continue reading

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