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SATAN WEARS RED    Part 1 The sounds of construction had been ringing out all day over the Hampshire hills and meadows. Since dawn, the carpenters’ saws, and stonemasons’ hammers and chisels had been busy completing details of the reconstructed … Continue reading

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One week ago, nine people attending a bible study session in Emanuel AME Church, Charleston, were shot by Dylann Roof, reported to be an unstable young man with white supremacist tendencies. President Obama said that insufficient gun laws were partially … Continue reading

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At war’s beginning I eas’ly recall our lives beleaguered by bombers above wearily wakening night after night to the wailing and howling of sirens. Hasty retreats to our backyard shelter, a moldering cave, darkly drear and damp, there fearfully waiting, … Continue reading

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I find the slow destruction of the English language through ignorance or laziness really annoying. It is a common habit for people to say, “When I go to the party tonight, I’ll bring a bottle of wine,” instead of “When … Continue reading

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I have little sympathy for the view that the United States should once again put men on the ground to help the Iraqi Government defeat ISIS. We had little or no justification for sending thousands of American troops (plus some … Continue reading

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We all complain of dealing with Customer Service via computers and bemoan the fact that it is so hard to find a real person to help us. The latter can be a double-edged sword if one is dealing with technical … Continue reading

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Most of us in the upscale retirement community where I live, congratulate ourselves on being isolated from the crime and mischief that occurs outside our boundaries. We are indeed fortunate to be able to pursue our golf, tennis, bridge, and … Continue reading

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