THE MARTIAN, Ridley Scott’s Masterpiece

The Martian

I just finished reading The Martian by Andy Weir, and a few days ago saw the movie in 3D. The book is superb, both technically and as a piece of astounding fiction, as also is the movie.

Andy Weir is not employed by NASA but I understand that NASA technology is Mr. Weir’s primary hobby and interest. His book is so filled with technology details that it is  hard/impossible to distinguish between existing NASA science, NASA technology under development, and hard science fiction. He must have invested an enormous amount of time making detailed calculations as well as researching facts, and well deserves the sudden renown he has gained.

Anyone who has not yet seen the movie must be certain to select the 3D version, which realistically places the viewer in the awe-inspiring Martian desert. The mental calculations that The Martian astronaut (played brilliantly by Matt Damon) makes in the book are cleverly handled in this movie masterpiece by director Ridley Scott. The photography and computer graphics are breathtaking.

If you don’t watch another movie in 2015, be sure to watch The Martian in 3D.

Michael E. Sedgwick

October 12, 2015

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