Todaycalculator I received a letter signed by Retired USMC Sergeant Major Joseph VanFonda, asking if I had received the Patriotic Calculator and Planner his foundation sent to me. Mr. VanFonda is the Chief Executive Officer for the Disabled Veterans National Foundation. When I opened the bulky package expensively sent to me by DVNF, in which the foundation invited me to support them financially, I was appalled by the awful waste of money. This is the second or third time I have received archaic enticements fit only for a museum.

Is nobody in this foundation aware that people have not used calculators or paper calendars for the past twenty years or more? These people are a generation out of date. Perhaps such outmoded thinking pervades their entire operation.

If I believe in the worthiness of a foundation and feel I should subscribe to it, I do not care to see that foundation wasting the money contributed to it by distributing antiquated trinkets that cost a substantial sum on a national basis.

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I live in a beautiful retirement community beneath the Catalina Mountains, 26 miles north of Tucson, and enjoy writing short stories, novels, memoirs and essays. I've been married to a wonderful woman for 56 years and enjoy traveling the world with her.
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