SlapI’m wholeheartedly in support of the current upsurge by women in their declaration for the right for equal pay and for freedom from sexual pestering or pressure. At the same time, in a light-hearted way, I foresee some developments down the road. I trust that nobody will annoyed by my warped sense of humor.

As more women are added to the list of those who have been targeted by men for sexual favors—I believe ‘Treated as Sex Objects’ is the phrase of choice among women—an ever-diminishing number of women will feel hurt that no man has indicated his sexual interest in them, either by word of mouth or by some vulgar act of bodily contact.  Will there then be a backlash from this minority against the majority of women who have been targeted by men for appreciation? Will there be anger against such prejudice? Isn’t it every woman’s right to be noticed by at least one man, and a word of appreciation dropped unobtrusively by him, a gentle bodily hint perpetrated? Will men who keep their mouths shut and their hands to themselves be accused of discrimination or even cowardice? Society may eventually become shrouded in gloom, envy, and bitterness with smothered cries for sexual freedom heard once again.

My second thought is why should men not be targets for sexual harassment? Are men to spend their entire lives deprived of female words of sexual appreciation and encouragement, or robbed of a friendly slap on the butt from a passing woman? There are definitely two sides to this equal gender movement. At the moment, males have been selected as targets for recrimination because of their uncontrolled expressions of approval for specific women; their lives subsequently slaughtered on the public altar. Some men, maybe only a minority, would be happy to be harassed by a woman in a moment of shame. While shaving, they might then look in the mirror and give themselves a wink of reassurance.




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I live in a beautiful retirement community beneath the Catalina Mountains, 26 miles north of Tucson, and enjoy writing short stories, novels, memoirs and essays. I've been married to a wonderful woman for 56 years and enjoy traveling the world with her.
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