LIGHT ON A DISTANT SHORE a novel of romance, remorse, and retribution


Light on a Distant Shore (3)In 2032 Arizona, Alex Moray is a research scientist employed by the Solarium Complex to make the long-standing dream of nuclear fusion a reality. His wife Fiona, a professor at the local university, is intensely involved with a political action committee and militia, in attempts to free the nation from the stranglehold exerted by an insidious body, self-titled The Council. This small elite group, owning ninety-nine percent of the nation’s wealth, and led by Samson Klenk, has protection of its wealth and power, by whatever means, as its guiding principle.  Its members believe they share a way of life too ancient, too precious and too fragile to allow the common horde to trample on it. Various threats insure the three branches of government comply with The Council’s policies and demands, resulting in serious changes to the Constitution. People viewed as obstacles to The Council’s policies, vanish, often permanently. Fiona constantly urges Alex to join her PAC colleagues in their efforts to destroy The Council, but he feels too overwhelmed by his work to oblige the woman he deeply loves.

Although determined to be loyal to Fiona, Alex is ashamed to find he increasingly lusts over Elena Sandford, a sensuous and seductive Hispanic beauty who appears intent on distracting him with sexual enticement.  Despite his initial resistance, Alex becomes involved with PAC activities and his situation becomes precarious. When he succumbs to Elena’s sexual entrapment and people close to him begin to die, he questions his priorities. The road he must follow to achieve nuclear fusion and together with social justice is fraught with hazards.

Availability:  from in both E Book and paperback formats.



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