Fotolia_95784517_XLI have just completed a third novel titled Time & Again. This is a drama set on the rugged coast of the Gower Peninsula in Wales, United Kingdom, and involves a romance with a mysterious twist. An MI5 (Internal Security equivalent to the FBI) agent is sent to the Gower with the mission to track down and suppress the smuggling of narcotics and weaponry believed to be happening on the picturesque beaches there. Very quickly, a stunningly beautiful woman captures the attention of the agent’s mind to the extent that he initially loses concentration on his assignment. Working alone, he finds it difficult to discover where to begin his search—and for whom. His MI5 superior at Thames House in London is distinctly unhelpful. Unexpected local friendship and help is encouraging, but also brings violence, adding to his difficulties. Before his mission reaches a conclusion, a surreal  experience on one of the beaches astonishes him and changes his life forever.

This novel is available now from Amazon.com in both eBook and paperback formats.

Direct link to Amazon page:  goo.gl/piiGzv 

Amazon Author page link:  goo.gl/a91AH3

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