OF HEAVEN & EARTH: a collection of 20 short stories

Of Heaven & EarthSynopsis:

This collection of twenty short stories covers a range of genres with subjects including a heavenly debate among the archangels about the wisdom of the planned Creation; a light-hearted tale of marital infidelity; domestic violence and vengeance; a bad shopping experience; a case of mistaken identity; a science fiction drama; a garbage man’s frightening experience; a fishing drama; punctuation gone awry in an office; a case of racial bias; a duck shoot goes wrong; murder of a beautiful prostitute; an experiment in social psychology; a patient’s hospital experience; an elderly woman’s preparation for a special birthday; a child’s experience of a WWII bombing raid; romance and tragedy in 1942 San Diego; a carefully planned murder; humor in a factory; and Satanic horror in medieval England. Between these pages, there is a story for most readers.

Availability:  from Amazon.com in both E Book and paperback formats.

Link to Of Heaven & Earth:   goo.gl/cRHnbm

Link to Author Page:    goo.gl/a91AH3

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