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The F Word

A VICTORIAN MELODRAMA When Freddie Fanackerpan, a freckled, florid fellow from Fairfield, Florida, was forced to face the fact he was fifty-five on the fourth of February, he reflected how fortunate he fared to feel favored by a far-flung family … Continue reading

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I’m wholeheartedly in support of the current upsurge by women in their declaration for the right for equal pay and for freedom from sexual pestering or pressure. At the same time, in a light-hearted way, I foresee some developments down … Continue reading

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THE FUTURE a stream of consciousness essay

The future is like the end of the rainbow; you never catch up with it — it’s always just beyond one’s reach. One’s reach is a distance that people in ancient times sought to quantify, for trade and construction purposes. … Continue reading

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Returning from convalescence….

IF WALLS HAD EARS The sound of voices coming from his restaurant downstairs awakened Harry Benson at midnight. He tiptoed down the stairs and through the kitchen to the dining room. The voices seemed to originate from a sizeable gathering … Continue reading

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NIGHT VISIONS By Diana Sigler   It’s two in the morning–dark, deadly quiet. My back is hurting. I cannot sleep… and the night visions begin.   During the bright busy day these visions shrink into some corner of my mind, … Continue reading

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Who is following the frantic follies of political pundits parodies of prudent men? Is it satire or spoof, burlesque or banality? With misrepresentations, mockeries, ridicule and outrage. Masses watch spellbound for the pithy one-liner, the latest travesty of truth. Surely … Continue reading

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Poem for Thanksgiving

Composed while waiting outside Chicos and Caché   The days grow much shorter with Thanksgiving near, Let’s rush to the mall and let’s buy all the gear. The TV ads tell us don’t miss such a steal — Go shopping … Continue reading

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