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There’s no question we should feel moved and sympathetic for the recent victims of terrorist violence in Manchester and London, but in the past week terrorist activity has killed many more people, including numerous children, in Afghanistan and Iraq. While it’s … Continue reading

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In the United Kingdom, where gun ownership is rare, the murder rate per head of population is significantly lower than in the United States; similarly in other Western European nations. The Gun Lobby and NRA in the United States are confident … Continue reading

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There is constant pressure in society to push rights and freedoms, such as the freedom of speech and expression, to the limit, as though attempting to determine how far one can push a privilege before provoking anger or even violence. … Continue reading

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Violence in America

Here we go again: violence between police and African Americans, this time in Baltimore. Does anyone wonder why there is so much violence between citizens and police in the USA? Furthermore, how many people bother to check if this level … Continue reading

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