REPORT FROM MARS a collection of short stories

Report from Mars


This collection of short stories covers the gamut of genres, beginning with a science fiction story of misadventure when a manned mission to Mars goes astray. The dreamer in Endless Entertainment, finds himself diverted into heaven and it is not what he expected. In a third story, Pulp Fiction Revisited, a man’s nightmare reveals to him the participants in a brutal murder. In Out Station, an older couple investigates a fast food restaurant that is not what it seems. Tiger in the Fog describes the ordeal of a biplane’s teenage pilot who disobeys instructions and finds himself completely lost in fog. Can a man with multiple personalities in Who’s Crazy? commit a crime as one personality while a second personality knows nothing? In Monday, a mid-level manager with a hectic existence is left exhausted at the end of his workday. These stories make good bedtime reading.

Availability:  from in E Book and paperback formats.

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