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The F Word

A VICTORIAN MELODRAMA When Freddie Fanackerpan, a freckled, florid fellow from Fairfield, Florida, was forced to face the fact he was fifty-five on the fourth of February, he reflected how fortunate he fared to feel favored by a far-flung family … Continue reading

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Comprehension of English

In recent years, I have had reason to contact several large companies whom one might label as technology organizations. They appear to be run by teenagers of employees in their early twenties with a poor comprehension of the English language … Continue reading

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I have a modest suggestion for a segment of the African American population to consider. One can easily identify a sizable proportion of that population from its style of speech — a distinct lingo or jargon. At the same time, … Continue reading

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I find the slow destruction of the English language through ignorance or laziness really annoying. It is a common habit for people to say, “When I go to the party tonight, I’ll bring a bottle of wine,” instead of “When … Continue reading

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