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The F Word

A VICTORIAN MELODRAMA When Freddie Fanackerpan, a freckled, florid fellow from Fairfield, Florida, was forced to face the fact he was fifty-five on the fourth of February, he reflected how fortunate he fared to feel favored by a far-flung family … Continue reading

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There are so many examples of greed, particularly corporate greed, all around us that we have come to accept them with hardly a murmur. Fifty years ago, flying domestically or internationally was a pleasure and an adventure. Now, on U.S. … Continue reading

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I’m wholeheartedly in support of the current upsurge by women in their declaration for the right for equal pay and for freedom from sexual pestering or pressure. At the same time, in a light-hearted way, I foresee some developments down … Continue reading

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Everyone thinks he or she is a better driver than most other drivers are, but I believe there are a lot out there who should receive electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) or, in exceptional cases, a dose of potassium cyanide. Topping my … Continue reading

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A case of mistaken identity. Continue reading

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Trump says other countries are laughing at America. Not true. They’re laughing him. Crying for America.

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During the past year, I’ve seen or read several articles relating to the downward spiral of the movie business. The principal blame credited for this demise of a century-old institution is the growth of on-line entertainment provided by media such … Continue reading

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